March 8, 2010

Hokies impress Rivals250 target

Virginia Tech hosted a major prospect a week ago for the Hokies junior day. The visit was the Rivals250 targets first to Blacksburg and clearly got his attention.

"It was great," Matthews (N.C.) Butler athlete Kris Frost said. "I got up there and talked to Coach Beamer and a whole bunch of the staff. I saw the basketball game and found out about the academics. I loved the campus, my parents liked it too."

As mentioned, the trip was Frost's first to Tech.

"It was my first time and I expected it to be a top program," he said. "I didn't really expect that much, but it was a big eye-opener. It really caught my attention by how big the stadium was.

"Their facilities matched up well to other schools. I had been to South Carolina previously and it was just as good or better in a lot of cases. What they said they were building looked similar to NC State's. The blueprints for the new locker room were cool. It's big enough where you can run a 40 in the middle of it."

While on campus, Frost didn't get to meet with former teammates Eddie Whitley and Jarrett Boykin, but did talk to another player.

"As soon as I came up to Virginia Tech, Jarrett and Eddie were home in North Carolina," he said. "I talked to Tyrod Taylor though. At first he came up while I was eating the coach introduced him and I was like, 'I know you, I've seen you on TV.' I talked to him and asked him his experience about how his body changed since coming to Virginia Tech. He explained it very well and clearly it worked as he didn't look like a high school player at all."

Before heading into the basketball game, Frost spent time with the Hokies coaching staff.

"I got a whole lot of time with them," he said. "They were all there shaking my hand and talking to me. It was a great experience and they were all there to answer questions. Coach Sherman, my recruiter took us to the dorms and he was there every step of the way.

"The visit was a lot more in-depth too about where they'd like me to play and things I could do for the team. IT was a really big eye-opener. They talked about putting me on the defensive line. I've never been on the defensive line. I've played wide receiver, safety and linebacker in high school. I guess with my size I could grow big enough into it.

"It's pretty different. This is the first school to mention defensive end. I went into a room and watched film on the line. They explained how the defensive linemen aren't there to get stuff for the linebackers; they are there to make plays. That turned me around and I'm still thinking about it. This is a third cool opportunity along with linebacker and wide receiver that other schools have mentioned."

The defensive end position is certainly a unique one from the Hokies. Did they explain what made them consider that?

"Coach Wiles said he likes the way I get after the quarterback and how long I am. He likes the way I get around blocks," he said. "He also likes how I get after the quarterback. That's something I've heard from other coaches too.

"Of course I have to get stronger."

Rounding out the coaches was time with Frank Beamer.

"I got to sit in his office with his wife, my mom and Coach Sherman," he said. "He talked about how I could impact the program and how the program could impact me. It was the first time I've ever sat down and talked to a coach like that. He made me feel wanted and that this college could be good for me."

To close out the trip, Frost made his way to the basketball game and stayed till halftime.

"I was pretty disappointed I had to leave early, but it was really amazing," he stated. "The whole crowd there, I could just imagine that top 10 team in the football stadium. I could see the air of the place and the jumping and screaming, everyone was a Hokie fan."

Only Frost and his mother made it to Blacksburg last week, how'd she like it?

"My dad had to work, so only my mom was there," he stated. "My mom loved the academic standards and how much they help each student. She liked that they had a ladder that depends on grades and where you need to be, they keep track."

With that all said, did the Hokies improve their chances to pull the Butler prospect?

"Virginia Tech has always been a college that's a major school," he said. "Anytime you get an offer like that it's something you really look at. This visit really improved my stance on Virginia Tech. I didn't expect all that much and it exceeded my expectations. They have a whole lot to offer and it's a great college."

Still, Frost maintains no favorites at this time.

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