May 25, 2010

Mailbag: How is Oklahoma Handling Business In-State?

The Mailbag is a feature for our fans to get questions that may require a little more depth and clarity of explanation directly from assistant editor Josh McCuistion. Each week we'll field questions for the mailbag and get you all answers at the week's end!

This week's mailbag has a look at numerous topics such as Oklahoma's handling of in-state recruiting to a grade of just how things are playing out at the wide receiver position. Are the Sooners getting the most out of their playmakers on the perimeter or are they simply not landing the players they need to? Finally with so many great backs in Oklahoma through the years, who might have been the best? Find this and more in a loaded mailbag!

It seems like all we ever hear about is the University of Texas putting pressure on kids to commit or Texas will move on. The reason that is given is that except for a few rare talents, there are plenty of comparable kids that Texas will have no problem getting to commit and play for them. That being said, it appears (at least on the surface), that Texas is more than willing to wait for a highly thought of kid in Oklahoma. Example #1 is DeMarco Cobbs: A solid player no doubt, but a player who also seemed to fit the exact mold of a guy that Texas would pressure for an early commitment. Example #2 is Josh Turner: Again, a solid player, but based on what we hear from camps, not a guy who is an overwhelming physical talent. Question: Do you think that when it comes to getting top flight Oklahoma talent, the University of Texas is willing to be more patient in the hopes of "stealing" a kid from OU? Or, do you think that Cobbs and Turner are the types of talents that Texas would have waited for no matter where they were from?

- Will

Well I think comparing Cobbs and Turner is a bit unrealistic. I think Turner struggling a bit at camps has nothing to do with talent and more to do with a step up in level of competition. Once he acclimates himself to that type of talent, I think he'll right himself quickly and start getting more out of his talent.

I think with Cobbs Texas had a massive need at running back, which is reportedly where he is going to stop, when you add in that they were taking talent from not only Oklahoma, but taking an in-state player from them it adds to the situation for Mack Brown.

At any rate, they didn't really wait on Cobbs, they simply got serious about him when they had room for him and quickly afterwards, he committed.

With Turner, Texas has been serious about him from day one and seems willing to wait on him before they decide to pursue any other cornerbacks. He is kind of the perfect storm for them, not only is he, again, a chance to take a top player from their chief rival but he is also an elite talent at a position of need for them.

I think Texas would wait on Turner regardless of where he may be but you're not wrong in thinking that his location is some extra icing on the cake.

What positions do you see the sooner coaches looking for junior college talent to fill in this upcoming recruiting class and why?

- D.K.

I really like a lot of Oklahoma's young talent but the one position I think might get a junior college look is at defensive tackle but to me it is all dependent on how the current crop of defensive tackles pans out this year.

Oklahoma has some young defensive tackles who may start to turn into the playmakers the team has had in years past but so far there is no young player like Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek, or Gerald McCoy. I realize there are believers that Jamarkus McFarland will take that role on and I've always thought Stacey McGee would become a much more impressive player when the lights come on each Saturday than he is in practice but that doesn't change that so far they've not done it to a level you can count on.

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