November 24, 2010

Blythe discusses official visit

Future Hawkeye Austin Blythe has probably been to Iowa City more than any recruit in this year's class, but had the chance to make another stop this past weekend for his official visit. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound Blythe talks about the trip, which gave him a chance to get even more comfortable with his surroundings, what position the coaches project him to play, and much more.

Q: What was the official visit experience like for you?

BLYTHE: It was good. I wasn't able to get over there until Saturday morning because of wrestling practice, but it was good. I got to go in and have a little lunch and then talk with some of the other recruits there and then watched a good game. It was just a good experience.

Q: Since you have been there so many times before, was there anything new for you?

BLYTHE: I think probably just getting to know the players a little bit more. That was a good part of it.

Q: Who was your host?

BLYTHE: Brandon Scherff.

Q: What did you hear from him and other players about their time there so far?

BLYTHE: We were asking them if it was everything they thought it was going to be and if they were enjoying it and every one of them said, "Oh yeah. It's everything and more," so that's what I like to hear.

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