September 20, 2012

Ask the Expert: UCLA vs. Oregon State

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Saturday afternoon will mark an important game on both the UCLA and Oregon State schedules. Oregon State, coming off their first win of the year against Wisconsin is looking to keep momentum rolling and start the PAC 12 season off with a bang. Meanwhile UCLA kicks-off the PAC 12 schedule with a potent offense and a 3-0 record. As we count down the hours till kick-off, Edward Lewis of
and Angie Machado of
take a look at the match-up:

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Edward Lewis

Angie Machado


We know that this UCLA offense is really, really good, and we know that when this defense isn't playing a running quarterback, it too is really, really good.

Specifically, we've learned that quarterback Brett Hundley and running back Johnathan Franklin are legitimate, real deal weapons. In his first three starts ever, Hundley already has 827 yards, eight scores and three interceptions with a 67 percent completion rate. In this offense, offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone really puts him in situations to succeed, whether that's with easy swing / screen passes or with zone reads that get his feet moving.

As for Franklin, he's getting Heisman buzz, and it's real. Even on an off night, Franklin rushed for 110 yards and he still leads the nation in rushing.

This team as a whole has done enough through three games and three big wins to prove it's a legitimate top 25 program this year.

Not a whole lot, but we do know that the Oregon State defense is much improved and that Sean Mannion made good decisions in the Beavers first win of the season.

The defense showed that they were faster and more athletic then we've seen in years and they squelched the running game of one of the top backs in the country. Their work is cut out for them this week with the Bruins as Franklin is another top level back, but the Beavers showed great promise in their first and only game.

Offensively, Mannion made good decisions and the offensive front gave him plenty of time to throw. The Beavers looked solid between the 30's, but had trouble finishing and finding the end zone.

He has solid targets to throw to and a couple of good running backs to work with. If the Beaver offense can begin firing on all cylinders, it could be very dangerous.