September 25, 2012

Turman was impressed by Rocky Top

With both Derrick Henry and Derrick Green in Knoxville last weekend on official visits Tennessee also had another big-time back on campus as four-star running back A.J. Turman was in Knoxville for an unofficial visit.

Like many other prospects in attendance the 6-foot, 205-pound Turman was impressed with the atmosphere when the Vols hosted the Gators.

"It was good. Me and my mom enjoyed ourselves. We flew out there and had a good time. That was our first time at a game at Tennessee," Turman said. "It was crazy. The environment was really loud. It was crazy. I had a good time. I never thought it would be like. I never knew the stadium got that crowded. It was just real crowded and it was crazy. I really liked it."

Turman visited Tennessee in the summer unofficially and got to know Jay Graham and Darin Hinshaw, the coaches recruiting him to Tennessee and although he didn't have too much time to visit with the Tennessee coaches he was able to get a quick conversation in with them.

"I got to talk to the running backs coach and coach Hinshaw. I didn't get to talk to them that much, but I talked to them a little bit," Turman said. "They told me to watch the running backs and how they did everything and how I would fit into their program and everything."

After watching the Tennessee backs against Florida, Turman said he could see himself fitting into the Vols' offense.

"I could myself in their system. I liked how they use their running back. They give them the ball a lot. I could see myself playing there," Turman offered.

Turman has had a busy few weeks, visiting Tennessee and then visiting Florida State for their win over Clemson. He compared both crowds and said Neyland Stadium housed a rowdier bunch.

"I just got back from FSU Sunday. It was crazy, too," Turman. "Tennessee was louder, though."

Turman's in no hurry to get to a decision and plans on taking his official visits after the season and it's looking like the Vols will receive one.

"I'm still taking my unofficials. I don't know when I'm going to take my officials because I'm still during my football season. It's easy for me to go to one place for a day, but it's hard for me to take my officials. I might wait until after the season," Turman said. "I'll go to Tennessee for an official. Tennessee, I think Georgia, maybe FSU. I don't know."

Even thought he won't take his officials for some time Turman is still taking in everything and knows what he's looking for on his visits.

"I'm looking at how I could fit into their program and also I'm looking at my position coaches because that's who I'll be around most of the time, and the other running backs they already have there," Turman said. "And the education."

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