May 14, 2013

From the film room: Juwan Bushell-Beatty

Michigan has landed two offensive linemen in its 2014 recruiting class, securing a commitment from three-star Juwan Bushell-Beatty recently. Former Wolverine standout Doug Skene breaks down his film.

Strengths: Bushell-Beatty's athleticism stands out right away in his junior highlight film. He is a large player that can still run in space and gather control before impact on his opponent. Out of a 2-point stance he moves really well, especially on passing downs. He has fluid feet for a player that stands 6-5 and 300-plus pounds.

He shows nice balance and vertical footwork while pocket pass protecting. He has a knack to punch with knock-out intentions on running plays, which is fun to watch. Offensive linemen are encouraged to play with a high level of hand violence; Bushell-Beatty seems to like to take hard hand shots on his opponent and looks for opportunities to impose his will.

Areas of Improvement: His footwork lacks fundamentals at times. When moving laterally he tends to replace his lead step and turn his shoulders a bit too much in his initial move. These technical faults are fixed and refined as players make the transition to the college game.

He also tends to get his head out over his toes a bit much, which can quickly cost him balance within his block. Bushell-Beatty makes up for these issues with his athleticism and can be dominant at the high school level.

It would also be nice to see him finish more blocks when he has his opponent on their heels. In other words, paste the defender into the earth and impose your will as often as possible.

Michigan Player Comparison -- Jonathan Goodwin (1999-2001): Goodwin quietly developed into a dominating lineman for Michigan and has gone on to have an impressive NFL career.

The Bottom Line:Bushell-Beatty's commitment to Michigan signifies that Brady Hoke is not satisfied with stocking one or two good offensive line classes. Coach Hoke knows that a strong offensive line with players that will push each other for playing time will carry Michigan to future Rose Bowls and more.

Bushell-Beatty shows that he can play the game with the level of aggression and nasty attitude that Michigan loves. He is a strong player and understands that time spent developing his strength pays off on the football field. His size and good athletic ability will allow him to adjust to the college game.

Championship programs can never have enough dominating offensive linemen. Bushell-Beatty is yet another piece of the puzzle that Hoke and his staff are bringing to Ann Arbor so that Michigan can once again be Champions of the West.

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