December 2, 2008

Texas quarterback ready to look at schools

With his football season ending just over a week ago, Houston (TX) Second Baptist quarterback Connor Wood is ready to figure out which college is the best fit for him.

"Our football season just ended, and I kind of told myself that I was going to wait till the season ended before I start worrying about this (recruiting) and things like that," Wood said. "I am just trying to get my mind wrapped around what colleges are like my top 10. As of now, I really don't have a top 10 or top five. It's more like I am soaking everything in as to what schools have been contacting me, and I would be interested in going to."

The Texas quarterback has already picked up offers from Duke, Iowa and Rice University, and he has schools throughout the country taking a closer look.

"A lot of schools have been contacting me and sending me letters," he said. "Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Texas, Colorado, Florida State, UCLA, UVA and Michigan State are the one in my head right now."

With all of these schools to sort through, Wood has still taken notice of Mizzou's recent success on the gridiron.

"Their past success speaks volumes," the quarterback said. "Their Big 12 success last year and this year. Their offense is electric, and it gets supported by their defense. I have seen them on TV, and I like the way they play."

After a successful season that included a trip to the postseason, the 6-foot-4 quarterback said there is still improvement to be made in his game.

"I threw for 2,250 yards," Wood said. "I threw for 20 touchdowns and five interceptions, and it was 62.8 percent pass completion. I am not mad about those numbers at all, but I am not satisfied with anything I have. I want to strive for more and more. If I have 3,000 yards, I want to get 3,500 yards. That sort of mentality."

It is that sort of mentality that excites the junior when he knows that he is being watched by scouts from all corners of the country.

"There is always added pressure when schools are looking at you," he said. "Your going to find that, and you have to try and forget it. When you are in a game, it is always extra motivation for you when you have colleges looking at you, and when you are going through practice, and you have the temptation to take a play off. That thought goes through your head and puts some fire in your butt to go 100 percent in practice and on every play."

Although there is not a particular offensive scheme that he wants to run, Wood said he is looking for somewhat of a pass-heavy football program.

"I have an open mind on what offense I want to run," he said. "I do like to pass the ball like any other quarterback. Any offense that would highlight that, not necessarily pass on every down, but something like that. I don't really have a preference on the type of offense. Right now, I just feel blessed to be in the mix with all these schools."

For now, Wood said he will continue to work on improving every aspect of his game along with working on his jump shot.

"I am actually going into basketball season next week or the week after," Wood said. "After that, it will strictly be off-season football. It's just a fun thing for me to do, and I have been playing since I was a kid."

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