September 17, 2009

Oklahoma trip No. 2?

While many have talked about San Diego Scripps Ranch four-star running back Brennan Clay's decision to attend Oklahoma in spite of never having seen the campus, it seems that legend may not be entirely true.

The 6-foot, 190-pound back now admits that he has a fuzzy memory of Oklahoma during an unrelated trip through the state just a few years ago. So it seems this weekend's official visit won't be quite the event that some had anticipated, or will it?

"Actually it would be my second time, I actually went through (Oklahoma) a few years ago, I think it was four years ago when I was on my way to Tennessee for a track meet," Clay recalls. "It's kind of surprising when you think back and it's the place I will be going in the future and of course I had no idea at the time.

"Actually I'm having my best friend Kyle Greenwood come out, he plays safety and wide receiver on my team. Also Michael Hodges is coming out, he is my cousin. He is hoping that he can get a few more looks and have a good time, I think we're just going to bring down the whole little party.

"Just being around the school, the community; I'm really looking forward to it."

On his trip Clay will get his first chance to meet running backs coach Cale Gundy with whom he has had numerous conversations with about the future of Oklahoma football. However it seems that just as important to him will be the chance to speak with all of his future coaching staff.

"Coach Gundy and I have been talking pretty frequently. We are working to get everything put together. Making sure I've got my eligibility and checking with the NCAA online clearinghouse. Just to make sure I can come on the trip," he says.

"Most definitely while I'm there I want to meet all of the coaches."

The coaches may be a focal point of the business aspect of the trip but he admits he has hopes of spending time with current Sooner star backs Demarco Murray and Chris Brown.

"I'm hoping I'll be hosted by either Demarco or Chris Brown. To spend the day with them would be an honor."

Unlike Brown and Murray when they made their commitments, Clay's knowledge of the Sooners at the time of his commitment was rather limited but that hasn't stopped him from taking a lot of flack for Oklahoma's early season misfortune from those who know him.

"It's not so much the BYU loss as everyone is getting back on me about 'what are you going to do about your quarterback?' The kid that came in and took the snap, the guy did one heck of a job, being in that situation he tried to do the best he could," Clay says. "He composed himself quite nicely and I think that losing to BYU by one point is really not a factor. The O-Line looked a little rusty and last week they got everything clicking. Putting up 64-points last week."

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