Neuheisel short and sweet

It was short and sweet for UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel after Thursday's practice with the media. There will be a practice this morning at 9:00 AM and then the team will rest their legs in anticipation to a fun scrimmage on Saturday Evening at 5:00 PM. Come early to the scrimmage because the word is the stars will be out again that evening.
Neuheisel: "It was a good practice.We took a little off some of our first team guys right now just because of we wanted to make sure everyone is healthy when we get to Monday. We will make sure everybody get s some good snaps on Saturday Night. I let Richard Brehaut get most of the first team scrimmage reps because he missed the last couple of days and let Kevin Prince rest because he a blister on his finger, but I think we are doing some good things and I am looking forward to watching us progress, keep going and having us a great Saturday scrimmage with hopefully everybody staying healthy and get to Monday and start getting ready for Houston."
How did Richard look out there after his layoff?
Neuheisel: "Sharp, he did a lot of good things. He has a good camp."
Sean Westgate, out today?
Neuheisel: "He was sick kind of the same food poisoning thing. He kind of had the same symptoms that probably means that it wasn't food poisoning. Just a little flu symptoms so we let him rest today."
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Click Tony Dye, has he been out a little longer than you expected him to?Here to view this Link.
Neuheisel: "Yes, longer than I expected, but we are going to make sure that it is right before he comes back, so he probably won't comeback until Monday."