Standout TE visits UCLA

One of the most sought after tight end on the west coast is Taylor McNamara (6-5, 235, 4.75) from San Diego (Calif.) Westview. The proof is in the pudding, McNamara has 20-plus offers on the table from colleges coast-to-coast. It is without doubt that Westview high school will be a college coach hotspot this spring.
McNamara received three calls the very first day coaches were allowed to call and you expect a steady stream of calls throughout the spring contact period. There have already been a couple of colleges that have been by the school and once all the colleges finish spring ball there undoubtedly will be a lot more.
"USC, Miami and Washington called," McNamara said. "ASU was the first school to come by. Miami came by Wednesday and my coach told me a bunch more will be coming by over the next month or so."

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McNamara was one of the many stars who were on the UCLA campus to take part in a photo shoot and take in the scrimmage last Sunday.
"It was nice," McNamara said about his time at UCLA. "The practice looked pretty smooth and it was cool talking to Coach Rick Neuheisel and Coach Tim Hundley about some stuff.
"I have interest in UCLA, but they are not in my top or anything," McNamara said. "I liked what I saw up there. It was a nice day and it was fun."
Who are McNamara's top schools?
"I don't know if I really have like a top group," McNamara said. "I know that I like Stanford, Arizona, Oregon, Alabama, and Miami."
What is McNamara looking for in a school?
"It's going to be coaches that I am comfortable around, as well as the players," McNamara said. "Then, obviously, the use of the tight end and how they incorporate the position into the offense and also academic support.
Is there a timeframe for a decision?
"Right now I am just kind of letting it come to me," McNamara said. "I'm focusing in on team stuff and not really worrying about it, but I will either take my visits and make my decision after the season or do it before the season, just to get it over with. I'm not sure which I am going with it yet.
"At this point, I don't want to rush anything," McNamara said. "I'm just going to, like I said, putting it off to the side and I will worry about when I need to. It will be before the season or after.
McNamara was hurt for his first six games after he fractured his fifth metatarsal and only played in four, yet still had approximately 20-plus catches and 250 yards.
The talented tight end showed no sign of lingering foot pain when recently showcased his skills at the NIKE Camp in Los Angeles.
"This is the best I have felt in awhile," McNamara said. "I have been working out with my trainer and at my school with my physical trainer who has been stretching me out for injury prevention and this is the best my body has felt for awhile.
To be the complete tight end you have to be proficient in the blocking department and McNamara shows a willingness to become better in all facets of his game.
"Blocking is something that I need to improve on strength wise," McNamara said. "It's going to be a big improvement. I hear a lot of it comes with strength.
"I have the form of it down," McNamara said. "When I get where I am stronger than and I form up, I really do well."
One of the most important attributes an athlete can have that helps with success on the D-I level is being willing and McNamara is definitely willing to do the work to become the best that he can be.
"Blocking is something I want to improve on," McNamara said. "I know what I need to improve on and you can always improve. When you are satisfied, you are never going to get better from there.
"You can never be satisfied," McNamara said. "You always have to be hungry to be better because there is always someone trying to outwork you somewhere.
"If you want to play at the top level in college and after that in the NFL when you are with the best," McNamara said. "To be with the best, you have to outwork the best.