El Cid meets the press

There was no question that one of the happiest players at Tuesday's practice was one of the newest Bruins, offensive lineman, Albert Cid. He had to work his tail off to get to UCLA, but it was a road worth traveling and was all smiles when he was introduced to the media after Tuesday's practice.
Cid: "It is a dream come true. It's really relieving though that there is no more school until the (September) 24th (laughs) and it is everything I expected you know. Working hard, and studying all day doing football so it is a beautiful thing."
What has it been like the last few weeks? What has been all the delays?
Cid: "It has been really hectic. Just school, traveling to Compton (Junior College) and back. Going out there having to get transcripts because the phone reception is isn't good, but it is okay and Citrus (Junior College) was fine. It was really studying like for two hour for finals."
Have you been in your playbook at all?
Cid: "I have been reading the playbook. I have been picking it up pretty fast."
How similar or dissimilar to what you were doing at Citrus?
Cid: "Everything is read zone block. So it is similar. The only thing different is the terminology and then our pass protection is a little different. The way we do everything is a little different."
Were you a little worried the last couple of days whether you were actually going to get in? Was there any kind of nerves there?
Cid: "No, there was no doubt in my mind. I knew. I was like if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. So I did it."
What are they saying to you about expectations of you coming in and contributing?
Cid: "Right now it is about getting in shape. I will pick up the playbook quick and from there will determine how fast I play."
You got in some reps there...
Cid: "Yeah, I got some reps. The first play was alright, but then I jumped offsides. I forgot the snap count (laughs) I was like set and I went. Other than that, that was about it."
What are your expectations?
Cid: "My expectations are to get in shape as fast as I can within, two or three weeks, and from there, I will know the playbook and should be fighting for a starting position."
When you are talking about getting in shape, you are not just talking about physical shape, are you talking about football shape?
Cid: "Conditioning, yeah, football shape. Game shape."
What is game shape?
Cid: "Being at about 315, right now I am at 330, so 15 pounds and I will feel fine. During the season, I will lose weight. By the end of the season I will probably be at 305."
How's your strength?
Cid: "I feel pretty strong. That is one thing, I'm just naturally strong."
What was part of the motivation of coming here (UCLA)?
Image unavailable osqizb
Click Cid: "My motivation was the education. That was one of them. If I'm going to get an education, I want to get one of the best out there and UCLA is close to home also and they have one of the best degrees in the world. So that motivated me in coming here."Here to view this Link.
What about the mentality that there was a starting job available?
Cid: "With my mentality, I thought anywhere I would go, I would get a starting job."
Are you you more exited being here or are they more excited having you here?
Cid: "I think we are meeting halfway (laughs). They are happy to have me and I am happy to be here. I am really excited to be here. It is overwhelming. When I was packing up my stuff, I was like I am actually going to college and actually going to be a division one football player. It took two years, but I got it done."
Have found a place to live?
Cid: "I'm going to live on campus. I know there are going to be a bunch of hills, but it's alright. It will me get down to 315 (laughs). With all these stairs and these hills, I'm going to get in shape."