Hinds impressed by Dorrell

Most Bruin fans agree that if UCLA lands four-star quarterback Rocky Hinds (6-5, 225, 4.4) from Playa del Rey (Calif.) Saint Bernard that it would be a huge feather in new head coach Karl Dorrell’s cap. UCLA is in dire need of a franchise quarterback and Hinds would definitely fit the bill. Not would Hinds bring a bright future to UCLA, but he’s the kind of recruit who could bring a Pied Piper effect and attract other top players to follow him.
“The trip went pretty well,” Hinds said. “I liked it a lot.”
“I liked that I was able to see the Bruins practice as they prepared for their bowl game,” Hinds said. “I was able to see how the team gets along and see how I would fit in at UCLA.”
“Coach (Don) Johnson is recruiting me for UCLA,” Hinds said. “He’s a real cool guy.”
“Coach (Karl) Dorrell is a real good guy, too,” Hinds said. “I was able to get a chance to talk to Coach Dorrell one-on-one. He was real impressive.”
UCLA was the third visit for Hinds; his first two were ASU and Cal.
“It was a little different visiting ASU and Cal than UCLA,” Hinds said. “I have been to UCLA before, but visiting ASU and Cal were new experiences.”
“I liked ASU a lot,” Hinds said. “I had good time.”
“Cal was also good,” Hinds said. “I was able to see my cousin (red shirt freshman) Kevin Ross. He showed me a good time.”
“I’m pretty much looking at UCLA, USC and Cal,” Hinds said. “I may visit USC after the holidays and might also look at LSU.”
Hinds missed his senior season because of a knee injury but rehabbing is coming along great.
“I went to the Doctor for a check-up today,” Hinds said. “Everything looked good so the Doctor said for me to keep it up.”
“I do rehab three times a week,” Hinds said. “And I do the treadmill everyday.”
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