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Editor's note: Every Monday BSR Publisher Edward Lewis will answer some questions from fans about the Bruins in this weekly mailbag. Send questions to edwardflewis@yahoo.com, @EdwardLewisBSR on Twitter, post questions on the message board or put questions on BSR's Facebook page.
Bruinmanny: Now that spring ball is over, do you see anyone else discouraged with their opportunities and decide to leave?
This topic, especially after today's Jim Mora bombshell, is now going to have more traction than the UCLA quarterback race. When a head coach says things like, "We've got some decisions that we've got to make … I don't think that this is for everybody," and, "I still think that there are a couple guys that are half in and half out," somebody's going to get shown the door this summer.
I don't really have any early guesses at this point, although I would imagine the finger pointing would have to start at offensive line. UCLA tried a bunch of different combinations, and outside of the one it finally settled on for the spring game (Su'a-Filo, Capella, Brendel, Cid and Baca), none really worked. There are around 13 guys on scholarship there, with four freshmen set to come in the summer plus five or six more in the 2013 class, so my guess is a player or two is probably getting the axe at that position in a few weeks.
Then again, there are also some injured guys who may not return, and there are some players who may not make grades as well. We should find out here in a couple weeks, but it sure makes for good fodder during the offseason.
Steven: Read that you were at that 7-on-7 tourney yesterday. Who'd you like? Who should UCLA really go after?
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Click Here to view this Link.The list of guys I like has to start with Su'a CravensClick Here to view this Link.. I'm not sure I've seen a better recruit in person than him. He's massive, he runs well, has great instincts, and his ball skills for a big, physical athlete are incredible. He's all but locked up to go to USC, however, so it may be time to stop chatting about him here.
The next guy is Tahaan Goodman. He's a different kind of cat than Cravens - more of a long, rangy center fielder. But he's certainly legit. Also really liked corner Charles Okonkwo, 2014 corner Adoree Jackson, 2014 linebacker Dwight Williams and 2015 receiver Trent Irwin.
The most underrated guy at the camp that I think UCLA should start taking a long look at was receiver Bryce Bobo from Charter Oak High. He's got some natural talent and his ball skills are great too. Heard the Bruins already have an eye on him, just waiting to see more.
Johnathan: You're a newcomer and not jaded like most of us. So give us your honest opinions: Who's going to be a real player here and who's not?
You're 100 percent right about not being jaded or biased toward most of these players. Outside of Anthony Barr and Malcolm Jones, two of the most underwhelming players of camp, I can't really tell you off the top of my head where any of these Bruins were rated coming out of high school. So with that said, I think Sheldon Price, Steven Manfro, Devin Lucien, Eric Kendricks and Tevin McDonald are absolutely legitimate. Those are my five favorite players on this team in terms of on-field production. Love what they bring to the table.
Guys that I'd like to see a little more from are Xavier Su'a-Filo, Patrick Larimore and Torian White. Su'a-Filo is probably UCLA's best offensive lineman, but he's got a ways to go before he's that top-flight NFL player that everyone has hyped him up to be. I'd like to see a little more all-around game from Larimore, which includes dropping in to coverage, and I'd certainly like to see more toughness out of White, who has the most potential out of maybe any Bruin at this stage. Then, of course, there are Barr and Jones, who have all the talent in the world but just aren't displaying it consistently yet.
Bigsteelmike89: Given what we saw during the spring game, which incoming players do you believe will be impact freshmen?
I think you have to start with that offensive line. I seriously think Simon Goines and Carl Hulick are going to come in and play right away. I think it's very similar to my feelings on the quarterback race. If I'm going to struggle with Richard Brehaut under center, I might as well struggle with Brett Hundley there and build for the future. Same goes for offensive line. If Alberto Cid is just going to get pushed around on pass protection, I'd rather see Hulick in there getting pushed around for the future.
I also think Ishmael Adams is going to come in and make some noise at corner or safety. He already has a Division I body with the speed to match. Then, just out of sheer need, Aaron Porter is certainly going to get some run at inside linebacker. But the most obvious guy is Ellis McCarthy. He'd start on just about half of the Division I teams today and he should come in and be a freak for the Bruins this fall.
Metrosteel: How do you see 2013 basketball class shaping up?
We've heard Ishmail Wainright is already a UCLA lean at this point, and big power forward Devin Williams has already gone on record saying the Bruins are currently in his top two. It's hard to say how many 2013 schollies they'll have to give, considering no one really knows what's going to happen with Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and Tony Parker's one-and-done ordeal. But Wainright and Williams would be a good start to the class.
Another coveted recruit I think UCLA has a legit shot at is point guard Zach LaVine. And if the Bruins want them, I believe Brandon Randolph and Dakarai Allen could be theirs too, although I'm not sure they're UCLA-caliber yet.
But surprisingly, after all that Chicken Little Sports Illustrated stuff, UCLA's 2013 class appears to be in solid shape (except for, ironically, the Los Angeles area kids).
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