Mora tells top 2015 QB recruit hes in it for the long haul

In a sitdown conversation Friday night with the nation's prohibitive No. 1 2015 quarterback, Jim Mora spilled his guts to Josh Rosen about UCLA.
He spoke about how many players he put in the pros in his first year in Westwood. He talked about his team's wide-open offense. He spoke about his squad's coaching staff and its loaded roster full of four- and five-star players. He also offered promises and deals.
And then he dropped a line on the soon-to-be five-star quarterback that rang harder than anything Mora had pitched in the half-an-hour-or-so chat:
He has no intentions of leaving UCLA … maybe ever.
"It was a lot about how he has no interest in leaving here," Rosen said of the conversation with UCLA's head coach. "That was pretty reassuring."
Mora's name has been linked with several NFL jobs, most notably the San Diego Chargers this past offseason. It's been used as a negative recruiting tool against UCLA's head coach, even after he signed an extension with the Bruins that's supposed keep him in Westwood through the 2017 season.
But Mora looked Rosen in the eyes last Friday night, and told him he's not going anywhere for a long time.
"He was talking about how he just doesn't have much of an interest in going back to the NFL," Rosen said. "He loves it here. He doesn't want to move his family and he sort of wants to create a dynasty."
The words were reassuring for the 2015 prospect, who has two years left before he even steps foot on a college campus. Because for Rosen, he knows he'd have a head coach in place who's committed to turning UCLA into a powerhouse.
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