Neuheisel Evening practice

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel wants his quarterbacks to play consistent and efficient football. He is beginning to see that a little bit, but he wants more consistency. He was pleased with his team's overall performance on the day as he is whipping his team into shape. Neuheisel comments on the practice.
Neuheisel: "We got good work done today. It was a rally good day for everything. Disappointed, a little bit, how it finished in the afternoon for Kevin Prince. He missed, uncharacteristically, some throws in that little scrimmage piece, but Richard Brehaut saw an opportunity and had a great deal so that's what competition has to do, create that and guys have to rise up, but I think we are getting better. I think it's fun to watch competition on this field.
"It is fun to watch linebacker have to compete to see who is going to be the best and safeties do the same. It is fun to watch our defensive line stay fresh and get in there and guys have to fly around and make plays. Certainly that's at the receiver position. It's the case at the running back position so that's a testament to some great recruiting and some great work by our strength and conditioning staff getting them up to speed and ready to go. Hopefully that bodes well four our season."
Donovan Carter, how does he look to you?
Neuheisel: "He is playing really well. He's playing quick. It was an adjustment for him to carry the weight that we asked him to carry, but he has really worked hard at it and he is playing really well. He's going to play a lot."
He seems really light on his feet...
Neuheisel: "Yeah, he does. He has been exceptional so far."
Can you talk about the quarterback position this morning and then this afternoon?
Neuheisel: "I kind of just did. I don't know how to embellish on that other than both guys are working hard to get better. The other guys are getting limited reps, but hopefully progressing, but today, Richard (Brehaut) was better."
Brehaut has been good for about a week. What is he doing better?
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Click Neuheisel: "He (Brehaut) is kind of understanding what we are asking him to do and getting the ball and throwing it and he is throwing it accurately. Kevin made some good reads, but the ball sailed on him. The ball has got to be complete. This is the only way to move the chains so you have to keep working on it. You just get a little stuck. He (Prince) has to transition. When he throws it well, he is flawless, but he gets stuck and he uses no lower body, so we just have to work through that."Here to view this Link.
Can rust still be an excuse for that?
Neuheisel: "We're not going to use rust anymore. We're in the second week now it is time to play football."
How soon is Brett Hundley going to be back?
Neuheisel: "Hopefully next Monday. He won't scrimmage this week but he is chomping at the bit and by Monday, hopefully we can get him, saturate him a little bit and see if we can get him ready to go."
You have touched on Shaquelle Evans so far in camp. Has he exceeded your expectations?
Neuheisel: "No, I had an inkling that Shaq was going to be special because I went and watched him when he was a senior in Inglewood and really wanted badly to have him. We had to wait, but we are glad that we were patient. He's had a great camp and continues to impress."
Can you talk about Anthony Barr and his return?
Neuheisel: "Anthony was good today. We have to get him sharp and crisp and all those things, but he's a weapon so it is fun to have him in the arsenal."