Neuheisel on Thursdays practice

The Bruins will take two days off then return to practice on Sunday at which time they will start preparing in earnest for Arizona and the second half of season. Much will be at stake at how the Bruins will perform. In the next six games,questions about the future of UCLA's football program will be answered. Bruin head coach, Rick Neuheisel met with the media after practice.
Neuheisel: "I thought it was really good week. In terms of getting better, fundamentally. Getting guys healthy, getting guys to look towards the future of the second half and get the right mindset with respect with what's going to be required for us to compete the way we need to and be successful and then we will look forward to Sunday as we get ready for the game week and the Arizona game. The coaches will be on the road here the next couple of days trying to catch up with some recruiting."
How do you look like your quarterback situation. Is there a fine line to try and keep a guy healthy? Do you talk to them about being cognizant about it?
Neuheisel: "We talk about it and we went as far as to practice sliding, but the point of the matter is you can't play this game nervous or scared. You just have to play. You just have to keep making sure that the next guy is ready and also figure that things are bound to happen. Bad luck can't follow us everywhere, knock on wood (knocks on his forehead), but keep our fingers crossed that we're due some good luck."
Have you started game planning for Arizona?
Neuheisel: "There are pieces of the game plan that are in, but we have yet to actually install it, but it will go in easily now that it has already been introduced."
How is Wade Yandall looking?
Neuheisel: "You know what, he had a good week of practice. It'a amazing when you give guys a chance to get up there with the first team again, how they respond after being away. We will see where it is at, as we get into next week and where we are health wise."
Do you think that he is game ready?
Neuheisel: "Well, time will tell, but if required, yeah. If required to be in there he will do a great job for us."
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Neuheisel: "I thought he has looked really well. He did his clock drive today and for his first time I thought he was really good. What I know about Brett Hundley, it's not too big for him. I don't think the stage is too big. There will be some butterflies and there will be some plays that won't go exactly as planned, but I think he will respond and he will play really well, if called upon."
Since you guys are going to be in Arizona does that give you a little thought about playing him?
Neuheisel: "Well that's his dad's alma mater so I know he will be excited about being there and we will wait and see if he is necessary."
Any scout team standouts during the scrimmage?
Neuheisel: "It looked like the defense had their way today. We didn't do a very good job of pass blocking so I give the nod to the defense."
Is the scout team's offensive coordinator in trouble?
Neuheisel: "Definitely in trouble. The blogs are going crazy."
With the way the schedule breaks out, how important can this recruiting weekend be?
Neuheisel: "It is a great weekend for us because we are out, coming off a win and we are excited about the second half of the season and hopefully as the season continues to unfold we will keep our momentum and our momentum will carry off over into recruiting season. We have had good classes and we believe we will have nothing less than that this year."
What was it that Yandall needed to show you guys?
Neuheisel: "Just a consistency. Like a lot of young players. Just knowing how to do things and doing it over and over and over again. What to do. How to be physical. It is difficult to be real physical when you are not real sure and so as he gains confidence in his knowledge in what we are asking then the technique can start to take hold."