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Neuheisel on Wednesdays practice

On a warm October Evening the Bruins had another solid practice still working more on fundamentals and getting Brett Hundley ready as the second team quarterback. As always, UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel met with the media after practice to answer questions.
Neuehsiel: " Good practice, a warm practice, but I thought our guys pushed through and I think we will feel real good about when we look at the film. We will try to one more tomorrow and then give them a couple of days off, get their legs back and away we go on Sunday.
"The staff and I will use the next couple of days after tomorrow's practice to make a real dent in recruiting. Try and get out and about to all the local hot shots and make sure the Bruins are alive and well and looking forward to engaging all the top student-athletes in the area so it is a busy time. An important time and it is an exciting time as well. I am looking forward to it."
Any helicopter rides this year?
Neuheisel: "No helicopters."
With Anthony Jefferson back in shells is that an indication that he's farther along than you thought?
Neuheisel: "I would love to say yes, but I think that we're just trying to get him comfortable in his skin so to speak. Get him back acclimated to being in a uniform."
If Jefferson comes back with say two games left in the season at that point you would just say redshirt him and get him the extra year, right?
Neuheisel: "Because he has missed both seasons because of medical reasons, he is entitled to an extra year. So yeah, it wouldn't be a great move to ask him to come back and play at that late date."
Don't know if you watched ESPN last night, but Josh Luchs the guy who wrote in the early '90s about playing players at UCLA. He pretty much came back and showed how easy it was for him to get up to the facilities. Do you have any comment?
Neuheisel: "I didn't see it so it would be ridiculous to have a comment. You will have to tell me later what the heck it's all about because I am clueless."
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Neuheisel: "My wife's favorite name for me, but still I am clueless."
How does Brett Hundley look to you?
Neuheisel: "I thought he looked terrific and like I said when I was asked. We are going to get him ready. That is important. Tomorrow when we do a clock drive it will be Brett that will do it and see how he does. I wanted to do two, but we are down a little bit at receiver so we have to wait for some legs to get back."
Does Hundley have a tendency to lock on his primary target?
Neuheisel: "Oh, I think all young quarterbacks do. I mean you have an idea what a pass play is supposed to look like and you go to where it normally goes and when that breaks down, the question is how quickly do you move on, but everyone starts that way, however I think he is moving quickly through that. Is he ready to do that with everything we have in our offense? I don't think so, but still I am pleased with his progress."
Do pushups solve that problem?
Neuehsiel: "Pushups are about ball security. When he gets out running he likes, I have never been fast so I don't know, but when you start running, you get the ball out and I just want him to understand that he is playing at a different level and there is going to be strong guys trying to grab that ball so it is important that he secure it."
Donovan Carter and Seali'i Epenesa had pretty big games on Saturday...
Neuehsiel: "They played well, yes."
Can you talk about, especially with their size, they seem more stout for you?
Neuehsiel: "Donovan has been terrific in terms of his development as a defensive lineman. Remember he came here as a linebacker and Seali'i really worked hard to reshape his body from his freshman year when he was carrying 330 and now he is down to 300 so it just goes to dedication. One was coming one way and the other was going the other way and yet both arrived at the middle and are ready to play meaningful minutes for us."
Given their size kind of being compact, is that kind of what you need in a defensive tackle opposite Cassius Marsh?
Neuehsiel: "In the front, it is all about leverage so low centers of gravity are helpful."