Neuheisel talks practice

Once again the Bruins closed out a week of practice on a high note. Hopefully for UCLA fans that will transfer to fine play on Saturday. All week the team was loose in a good way, but that could all change if Oregon State comes out and starts quickly. UCLA needs to get out of the habit of spotting teams the lead. A fast start by UCLA will be huge.
UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel was very happy with his team's performance on Thursday and is excited to see his team in action on Saturday.
Neuheisel: "I was really pleased with practice today. It was crisp and it was exactly what I wanted. We had a glitch in the two-minute drill, but we will fix that and I think that we're off and running with a good plan and guys that believe the plan will work and they're going to play their tails off so I am excites about the game."
Glitch being?
Neuheisel: "We just had a bit of a communication deal, but we fixed it."
It wasn't about the kick at the end
Neuheisel: "No, get that out of his system. That is exactly right."
Does Sean Sheller move back into the starting lineup?
Neuheisel: "I think so, but Sean and Micah Kia will both play."
You haven't been using Malcolm Jones much, is he okay?
Neuheisel: "He's fine. In the situation we're in it is hard to get everybody in and in the last game we didn't have a lot of plays. We only had 22 minutes of possession time. So it was difficult to get everybody in."
Is Dalton Hilliard out for this week?
Neuheisel: "Out probably for this week. We will wait and see if we can get him back for the next one."
How is Sheldon Price doing?
Neuheisel: "Sheldon is doing great and I think Sheldon will be ready to go."
How about Nelson Rosario?
Neuheisel: "Yeah, I think he is ready to go. How much those guys (Price and Rosario) will play remains to be seen, but I think they are available."
How important is it for Richard Brehaut to get a couple guys back?
Neuheisel: "it makes all better when you have all your pieces. Unfortunately that has not been the case for most of the season, but with Nelson coming back and Ricky Marvray coming back, at least from last week, that helps. The loss of Jerry Johnson aside, right?"