Practice and goodbye

As always after a practice, interim head coach, Mike Johnson enters into a media scrum to answer all questions. The following is what transpired after Friday's practice.
How was paintball?
Johnson: "Paintball was great. The team had a great time. It was good for our team to get out and have some fun. It was a good deal."
How does something like that help?
Johnson: "It builds camaraderie. Guys go out have fun. It's not the football part of it. They're not sweating it, they are just having fun, talking to each other, hanging out with each other and having fun. Things like that always build camaraderie , so it was good for them."
Kevin Prince missed practice today?
Johnson: "Yeah, his knee was a little sore. So we are trying to get him to the game and get him to where he's functioning so, he's okay, but we held him out today because he had a little soreness in his knee. We didn't want it to flare up."
Do you expect him back tomorrow?
Johnson: "Yes, he's coming back tomorrow."
Any movement on the Akron front?
Johnson: "Well no, but I have talked to a couple of people there. No movement yet. So we are still sitting back and seeing what happens, but no movement yet."
Did Jim Mora say anything to you about keeping you on?
Johnson: "We talked about it, but I don't think I am going to stay. I don't think I am going to be a part of the staff. Jim and I had a good conversation, but we didn't even talk about that. You have to see the writing on the wall.
"When you hire Noel Mazzone and you make him your offensive coordinator, you have to see that. I mean, Jim and I have known each other a long time. You don't have to tell me that I'm not going to be a part of his staff. I can kind of see that, but I wish everybody here the best and I am going to do my job until December 31st.
"I am going to coach these guys and they are going to show and they are going to play hard. Then we will go from there. You treat everyday, I'm under contract at UCLA and I have been hired to be the interim coach and put this team into the bowl game and put our best foot forward and that's what we are going to do.
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