BruinBlitz - Three-star CB talks UCLA pledge
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Three-star CB talks UCLA pledge

Just a few days after landing the UCLA offer, three-star cornerback Denzel Fisher jumped on the scholarship, and committed to the Bruins Tuesday night.
Here's what the 6-foot-2, 175-pound defensive back had to say about his new UCLA pledge.
Tell us about the commitment, how's it all feeling right now?
Fisher: "It's great, man. It's just something I felt. My parents and I we just sat down and had a great long talk about it and we narrowed the options down and I felt like the Bruins are what I needed. I've been wanting (the offer) and I finally got it, and now I'm a Bruin."
What made you pick Tuesday night to decide?
Fisher: "For me, my dad, he kind of did research on the depth chart, the corners, who they just picked up, what they just picked up. They just picked up Adarius Pickett, and that's my boy right there, so that was a little way to get me there. But I feel that the Bruins, that's what I needed, and I finally got it, and now I'm a Bruin."
How solid is this commitment?
Fisher: "This is 100 percent in. I'm a Bruin. I'm a Bruin."
What were the biggest reasons why you committed to UCLA?
Fisher: "First of all, the academics. The academics are very big for me. That's one thing that can keep me succeeding in life after college. And my parents are very high on academics. Also, the school is on the rise. We're about to turn some heads - we're already turning heads this year. And coach (Demetrice) Martin, he's a great coach. He's a great coach. I just feel like I can see him coaching me for the next four years and getting me better and getting me to the league."
How did the conversation go with your family tonight regarding the commitment?
"We talked before and they were talking to me about it. And then my father came home and then my mom got home from work, and I just told them how I felt. And I just felt that the Bruins are what it is. They were ready for it. They felt it already coming. Because I already talk about the Bruins, and I'm always at the games, and they just felt that it was coming and they were just waiting on the time for me to do it."
What position will you be playing and in what role your true freshman season?
Fisher: "I'm going to play cornerback. I'm going to come in as a true freshman and play cornerback. I'm going to play right away as a corner. Right when I get there, I'm going to get on a meal program, eat up, lift weights very hard, and you'll see the outcome."
How much of a role did your good friend and 2013 commitment Mossi Johnson play in tonight's commitment?
Fisher: "Man, that's been my boy since ninth grade. He's just been there all through the years. We talked on Saturday at the game, and he just was so fired up, he knew I was going to be a Bruin. He just stuck with me and talked to me about it, and he said, 'Man, stop playing and just be a Bruin. Let's do this. Let's get on the rise together.'"
What are you measuring in at and how much do you need to improve on that before college?
Fisher: "I weigh 170 right now, 6-2 and a half. I want to be at 185, 190. I've been on a plan right now, just getting big, eating healthy every day, protein and everything. Lifting weights hard, just trying to put on the muscle and the weight."
How did your first game of the season go last Friday night?
Fisher: "I had five tackles. They weren't really testing me. They were scared of me. Every side of the field I was at, they went the opposite field. That's how it's going to be all year. I'm sure they'll test, but I'm going to get that pick every time."
How does it feel to finally get this commitment out of the way?
Click Fisher: "I'm so excited, man. It's what I wanted. I worked so hard on the summer circuits. And I got it and I deserved it. And now I'm a Bruin."Here to view this Link.