Tuesday practice quick hits

Today's practice was much better than the day before. It was at a higher tempo and there was a lot more urgency. Maybe the best thing that this practice showed was a much sharper and crisper quarterback in Kevin Prince. If Prince can continue to improve his health and the rust really shakes off then the Bruins offense could be very potent on Saturday.
Prince was throwing on time and that is a good thing, but his accuracy is the element in his game that is suffering the most from the rust. It must be understood that Prince was 100 percent better today than it was yesterday and it will more than likely be better still tomorrow.
After practice, Prince told the media that he felt great and that his back is holding out fine. He has yet to really lit rip, but he did during practice was more than adequate to get the job done velocity wise.
Also more back on track today was Richard Brehaut, who is still improving, but at this stage, Prince gives the Bruins the best chance at winning. There is no doubt that Brehaut is becoming the player UCLA hoped he would become when they recruited him, but he is still a work in progress.
Junior wide receiver, Josh Smith also had his best day back since his injury. The Bruins will need him this season because he offers the team a big play threat in several areas so it was good to see that Smith was having a good day.
People have been sleeping on Johnathan Franklin, he has quietly had a great camp. He has been 110 better taking care of the football this camp and he has also been good catching the ball. He hasn't dropped a ball since practice commenced back in early August. He's another homerun hitter for the Bruins.
With a mere five day till kickoff it was good to see more crispness and intensity out there today. It is a good bet to expect more tomorrow.