Welcome to the Bruin Walk

Welcome to the Bruin Walk. As long as it is enjoyed by the readership, it will be a weekly endeavor. Some of the information found here may be sensitive in nature, so it can't be repeated anywhere except in The Lounge. That is how it's going to work. What is discussed on the "Bruin Walk" stays on the "Bruin Walk" ...
Here are some of the things you will find out about inside:
What is the latest on UCLA target Devon Blackmon?
The latest on DT prospect Mickey Johnson may surprise you.
What four-star defensive tackle will visit UCLA?
This is a special feature for subscribers only, which is why it is posted on the premium board. Posting here is the only way to ensure that the information is exclusive to the family. The Bruin Walk will only work if everyone helps make it work. Now, on with the news ...
Welcome to the Bruin Walk ...